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Improve Diamond Saw Blade Using Safety

When using diamond circular saw blades for some hard raw materials such as granite processing, sometimes it would be more dangerous with poor quality saw blades using or wrong operational program, in order to avoid such terrible security incidents, nowadays when designing and manufacturing diamond saw blades, more and more saw blades manufacturers have paid more attention on the security, and in fact I am sure it would be tendency in the future.

 In the following article, some improvement measures about diamond saw blades safety are introduced at here, are you interested in such topic?

 Firstly, the factory formula of diamond saw blades should be optimized As for the factory formula, you can use some raw material powders with low content of oxygen element, and for the ceramic tile pieces, its CrMoWVTiB diameter should be about 200mm, the thickness of saw blade tool bit is about 1.6mm while the related height would be about 7mm, then the saw blades would be manufactured in bulk with the strength of 15N.m to 20N.m, which fully meets the EN13236 standard 12.5N.m. After being manufactured with such factory formula, I am sure it would have good market shares in the European market steadily.

 Secondly, manufacturing technique such as laser welding should be optimized In the past when manufacturing diamond circular saw blades, too many saw blades manufacturers are likely to use the high frequency welding manufacturing technique, as a result, the combination strength between welding gaps can not be guaranteed greatly, when using such saw blade for cutting, the tool bit is easy to be broken into pieces suddenly and it is really dangerous for the worker. How to solve such problem? You can try to use laser welding manufacturing technique, OK, let me tell you the main advantages of such laser welding manufacturing technique.

 With such manufacturing technique, focused laser beam would be used as the main energy and then penetration fusion welding is the main mechanism, both the transition layer on saw blade tool bit and matrix would be melted during this process, and finally the firm welding gaps would be formed. Even if there is no cooling water for both saw blade and drill cooling, the great welding strength can also be guaranteed so that the using safety would be guaranteed very well finally.

 After being tested on too many different formulas and welding technology, all kinds of saw blades with different saw teeth shapes should meet the welding strength requirements needed in EN13236 standard.

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